Indonesian Teenager Claims to Cry Tiny Gems Instead of Tears

By webadmin on 02:05 pm Jun 01, 2012
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Bandung. Indonesian doctors are investigating claims that a teenage girl in Bandung cries tiny gems instead of tears.

Tina Agustina claims to have extracted 126 bean-sized gems from her eyes since September of last year. Video of Tina allegedly producing crystal tears has been posted to YouTube. The multi-colored jewels shown in the video appeared to have already been cut and polished before Tina reportedly cried them out.

Stories of alleged medical oddities are nothing new in Indonesia, where reports of strange “bleeding” diseases, metal wires that grow from a woman’s skin and cancer-curing cigarettes grab headlines.

Doctors at an eye hospital in Cicendo, Bandung, examined the girl’s eyes and found them to be normal.

“Objective examination on her eyes shows that everything was good, including
sight, the condition of her eyeballs,” Dr. Hikmat Wangsaatmaja, the head doctor of the hospital’s medical advisory board, said on

Doctors also checked the girl’s urine and tears and sent the gems to a geology laboratory, Hikmat said.

“The results will come back in two days,” the doctor said. “If the gems were produced by her body [like kidney stones], we would have sent them to a clinical laboratory. But if they were not from her body, we wouldn’t send them to a clinical laboratory. We have contacted a geology laboratory and have sent them there.”

Tina visited the hospital on Wednesday, accompanied by her parents and local officials.

Feeling a bit tense after the doctor’s examination, Tina reportedly cried out four more gems Wednesday night.