Indonesian Students Forced to Perform Sex Acts on Film

By webadmin on 05:32 pm Jul 23, 2010
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Jakarta Globe

Jakarta. A shocking video has surfaced in Indonesia in which a group of men laugh and joke as they force two teenage school students to strip and perform sexual acts on each other.

The video, titled SMA Cikarang (Cikarang Senior High School), was presumably filmed in the capital of Bekasi Regency, West Java.

Conversations on the video clip, which digital data shows was recorded on Feb. 17, 2010, at 8.26 a.m., indicates that the men had caught the two students making out on a motorcycle in a deserted field.

What follows is five minutes of sickening footage in which the friends are forced to strip down to their underwear and parade back in forward in front of the men, who often reach out and grab the girl’s buttocks.

The frightened school children are then forced to pull down their underwear and rub their genitals together.  

“Take off your clothes here. It’s better if I watch you here than if I take you to the village where there will be a lot of people there and policemen too,” one man said. “Just take it off or I will take your motorbike.”

As the video focuses on the naked girls genitals, she apparently begins to cry because one of her kidnappers shouts, “Don’t cry. Just hug.”

The video ends with one man ominously stating that he would begin to take pictures of them.

Bekasi Police could not be reached for immediate comment.

The story is developing.