Indonesian Shoe Company Withdraws Pig Skin Products From Market

By webadmin on 03:47 pm Dec 25, 2012
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A shoe producer, who allegedly attached halal stickers to shoes which contained leather made from pig’s skin, said on Tuesday that all such items had been withdrawn from the market.

“We admit to the mistake and apologize,” said Ikhsan Abdullah on Tuesday, the lawyer for Mahkota Petriedo Indoperkasa — the producer of Kickers shoes.

“We have realized that halal labeling should be for food and beverage products only. We apologize for this misunderstanding,” he added, according to Indonesian news portal

Ikhsan said the halal stickers attached to the shoes that had “pig-skin lining” printed on their tags, was just a misunderstanding. He did not elaborate with his explanation.

A 48-year-old customer, Winarno, reported the Mahkota director, Sentosa Wijaya, to Jakarta Police on Dec. 19 after he bought two pairs of Kickers shoes at the Sogo department store in Plaza Senayan, South Jakarta.

He said he bought the shoes because of the halal label, but then noticed the “pig-skin lining” on their tags.

Winarno then contacted the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI) to ask about the halal certification.

“As it turned out, the MUI asked for the ‘K’ shoes to be withdrawn from the market,” Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said last week.

Rikwanto said Sentosa could be charged for violating the consumer protection law.