Indonesian Police Foil Alleged Suicide Bomb Plot

By webadmin on 08:00 pm Jul 19, 2012
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Bayu Marhaenjati

Two men who were allegedly plotting a suicide bomb attack on an unknown target have been arrested in Poso, Central Sulawesi by Indonesia’s anti-terrorism squad Densus 88, the National Police said on Thursday.

Qhoribul Mujib, 25, and Naim, 26, are both alleged members of Abu Bakar Bashir’s Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT) organization — a group recently labeled as a terrorist network by the US State Department.

The pair were allegedly involved in a number of terrorist activities, including hatching a suicide bombing plot, hiding wanted terrorism suspects and the fatal shooting of two police officers in Palu in 2011, before their arrest.

“Qhoribul had been prepared to become a suicide bomber by their group but it remains unclear where the action would take place,” National Police spokesman Sr. Comr, Boy Rafli Amar said. “He also took part in hiding terror fugitives Santoso and Ageng Prasetyo.”

Santoso, the alleged commander of the JAT’s local Asykari military wing, was wanted in connection with the fatal shooting of two police officers outside a BCA bank branch in Palu.

Naim, who also goes by the names Romilus Bungka and Primus, was also wanted in connection with the police slaying.

They allegedly participated in terrorist training exercises in Gunung Biru and in the Malino mountain range, police said.

The men were arrested in Poso’s central market on July 12 following the arrest of alleged extremist hacker Rizki Gunawan, who was picked up in May after reportedly hacking into an MLM website with two accomplices.

The hackers were allegedly providing the funds for terrorist training exercises and the September 25, 2011 bombing of the Kepunton church in Solo, police said.

“They are part of several elements, including JAT,” Boy said. “They came from outside of Poso and had become JAT members there.”