Indonesian Network Trans TV Reported to KPI Over Raunchy Late Night Talk Show

By webadmin on 06:37 pm Apr 18, 2012
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Dessy Sagita

Trans TV’s raunchy late night talk show “Kakek-Kakek Narsis” (“Narcissistic Grandfathers”) came under fire again on Wednesday after a television watchdog group reported the program to the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission, calling the talk show sexist and exploitative.

“Kakek-Kakek Narsis” often shows the program’s three male hosts ogling — and touching — scantily-clad women, Muhammad Heychael, a researcher with the monitoring group Remotivi, said in Jakarta on Wednesday. The show’s hosts, comedians Ronal Surapraja, Indra Birowo and Ananda Omesh, dress like old men and invite female guests on to the show.

In one episode, the men surrounded one-time host Nikita Mirzani and touched her sexually, Heychael said. In another the camera zoomed in on a woman dressed in a skimpy housemaid’s outfit.

“Kakek-Kakek Narsis” treats women like sex objects, Heychael said. According to Heychael, 23 other organizations from nine provinces backed Remotivi’s protest of the talk show.

It isn’t the first time “Kakek-Kakek Narsis”‘s antics landed the network in hot water. Indonesia’s broadcasting commission, KPI, previously reprimanded Trans TV for
the show. The television station responded by moving the program from 11 p.m. to midnight and by firing Nikita, reportedly for wearing revealing outfits.

“[That] is problematic, why fire the female host?” Heychael said.

Trans TV spokesman Ichwan Murni said the station would look into the criticisms.

“We’ve slowly improved since the KPI reprimanded us, and won’t stop [improving]. This requires a process, though, and we’re not shielding ourselves from viewers’ criticisms. We’ll certainly follow-up on them,” Ichwan told the same discussion.