Indonesian Military Begins UN Peacekeeping Training

By webadmin on 06:21 pm Jun 12, 2012
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Selected members of the Indonesian Military (TNI) began training for United Nations Peacekeeping missions on Tuesday in Bogor, West Java, a TNI official said.

Some 850 members of the TNI picked to join UN Peacekeeping missions will partake in a series of training exercises at the TNI Peacekeeping Center in Sentul, Bogor. The exercises will conclude on July 11, Maj. Gen. Hambali Hanafiah said.

The future peacekeepers will be taught how to handle themselves in conflict zones and how to deal with victims of widespread violence, Hambali said. The soldiers need to have a deep understanding of conflicts going on in the countries where they were sent to.

They also need to understand UN protocols, he said.

well that the use of weapons must be in accordance with existing rules
of engagement and standard operating procedures,” Hambali said.

To be chosen for the peacekeeping force is a great honor, he explained.

[participants] should be proud. Garuda contingents — wherever they have
been stationed — have always earned the appreciation and
recognition of the UN and other countries,” Hambali said, referring to Indonesian “Garuda” troops who have been deployed in conflict regions around the globe on UN Peacekeeping missions.