Indonesian Marine Leads Failed Train Hijacking

By webadmin on 09:30 pm Aug 27, 2011
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A member of the Indonesian Marine Corps led a failed hijacking of a Jakarta-bound Gajayana executive train on Saturday morning.

Navy spokesman Commodore Untung Surapati said after the incident that the hijacker was identified as First Sergeant Darso.

“Darso is a marine working at the Main Naval Base (Lantamal),” Untung said, adding that based on information he had received, Darso and three civilians hijacked the train when it passed through the Cikampek railway station in West Java.

Untung said the marine and his accomplices forced the driver of the train to divert to Senen station instead of Gambir station in Jakarta.

Untung said Darso would face severe punishment.

The hijacking drama triggered by Darso and his friends ended at Senen railway station in an exchange of gunfire with policemen. The officers had been alerted by the train’s engineer, who triggered an alarm after the train was taken over.

Jakarta Metropolitan Police spokesman Brig. Gen Suhardi Alius said police in cooperation with TNI personnel arrested the hijackers at Senen station on Saturday.

“The ill-fated Gajayana train was supposed to head to Gambir station from Jatinegara but it was hijacked and diverted to Senen, we finally arrested the hijackers,” Suhardi said.

Suhardi said three illegal passengers and the marine forced themselves into the locomotive and ordered the driver to take the train to Senen station in downtown Jakarta.

“But soon after the train arrived at Senen station we immediately arrested the hijackers,” Suhardi said, adding that the perpetrators were carrying firearms and sharp weapons during their action.

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