Indonesian Maid in Saudi Inherits Millions

By webadmin on 03:32 pm Jul 10, 2012
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An Indonesian migrant worker in Saudi Arabia has been awarded an inheritance of 20 million Saudi riyals ($5.3 million) from the estate of her late former-employer-turned-husband.

Saudi daily Okaz reported on Tuesday that the Indonesian woman, whose name cannot be revealed for security reasons, came to Saudi Arabia to work as a maid for a property tycoon in the city of Taif.

The tycoon eventually married the Indonesian woman, but passed away soon after.
According to a Saudi Arabian social observer, Abdullah Umar, the employer’s wealth consisted of several inherited plots of land and apartment buildings across many parts of Taif, particularly in the outskirts of the city. Because of this, there were ownership disputes among the heirs.

However, the Indonesian woman decided to stay in Saudi Arabia until she obtained her inheritance.

After more than eight years of negotiations among all the claimants to the properties, trial judge Sheikh Abdurrahman Al-Dakhil ruled that the Indonesian migrant worker was entitled to part of her husband’s estate.

She was then awarded 20 million Saudi riyals from her husband’s estate, which was valued at 300 million Saudi riyals, after the apartment buildings and plots of land were sold through an open bidding process.