Indonesian Maid Escapes Malaysian Employer After Allegedly Forced to Eat Pork

By webadmin on 01:07 pm Dec 08, 2012
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An Indonesian maid in Malaysia escaped from her employer’s house on Friday after she was allegedly forced to go against her Islamic beliefs and eat pork.

The maid, Sri Purwanti, said she had to cook pork for her employer almost every day and was also prohibited from performing the five prayers a day mandated in Islam.

Sri, whose employer’s house was in the state of Selangor, managed to contact the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur with the help of a judge from a magistrates’ court in the neighboring city of Petaling Jaya.

“We really regret this violation of faith of our worker. She was forced to cook and eat pork, and was prohibited from performing religious rituals in accordance to her belief,” embassy spokesman Suryana Sastradiredja told Indonesian news portal on Friday.

“Besides paying her salaries, the employers should have shown gratitude [for Sri’s helping with their domestic chores] by respecting her beliefs and allowing her to perform her religious rituals,” Suryana added.

He said the embassy would soon dispatch a letter to the Malaysian authorities condemning the incident.

Sri was sent by a Jakarta-based agent via Batam and entered Malaysia through the immigration office in Johor. She began working for her Malaysian employer in Kajang, Selangor, in October and received 700 ringgit ($229) per month.

Sri is currently staying at the embassy shelter in Kuala Lumpur.