Indonesian Horror Movie Stars a Mysterious Fake Mr. Bean

By webadmin on 02:20 pm Jun 08, 2012
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Teddy Kurniawan & Liberty Jemadu

The actor hopping across Indonesian movie screens as a “pocong” ghost may look like Mr. Bean. The film, “Mr. Bean’s Obsessed With D.P.,” may feature the popular British comedian’s name.

But viewers won’t see Rowan Atkinson’s name in the credits.

In a country where counterfeiters sell everything from pirated films to bootleg pharmaceuticals, Indonesian filmmakers have now stumbled onto a new commodity: fake versions of Western stars.

The film — “Mr. Bean Kesurupan D.P.” — stars an actor who bears some resemblance to the British comedian and Indonesian actress/pop star Dewi Persik. The actor mimics Atkinson’s unique brand of goofy physical comedy in a film about a hopping “pocong” ghost obsessed with the buxom dangdut singer.

Atkinson’s iconic character is wildly popular in Indonesia and moviegoers packed the film’s premier in Depok on Thursday in a rare show of interest in a locally-produced horror film.

But producer KK Dheeraj said the film’s title, and the presence of a fake Mr. Bean, is not deceiving.

“It’s no lie that the film is titled ‘Mr. Bean Kesurupan D.P.,’ it can clearly be seen in the movie,” Dheeraj said. “Nothing is wrong with the movie. I said that the actor for Mr. Bean is from Britain. [The fake] Mr. Bean is also from Britain.”

Dheeraj argued that Mr. Bean is a popular name, and that producing a film starring a knock-off Mr. Bean is perfectly normal.

“The spectators were not disappointed, they were satisfied watching the film,” he said.

Co-star Dewi said that there was nothing odd about making a film with a Mr. Bean knockoff.

“It’s common in business, it can be done,” the singer via an instant message.

Filmmakers have refused to release the name of the actor playing Mr. Bean.

Last month, Dewi told reporters that she was starring in a film with Atkinson after the producer spent a year persuading the comedian to make a movie in Indonesia. She said that she was excited to act alongside Mr. Bean.

“Not many people have this opportunity,” Dewi said. “So when I will meet him the first time, I will take a lot of photos for sure.”