Indonesian Graft Fugitives Number Nearly 2 Dozen

By webadmin on 07:17 pm Jun 13, 2012
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Rangga Prakoso

The head of the so-called “Corruptors Detect and Capture Team,” Deputy Attorney General Darmono, said there are 23 Indonesians allegedly involved in graft cases who are on the run.

“There were 24 [fugitives] on our list,” Darmono said on Wednesday. “[We] captured one, so minus one. We will search for the others.”

The fugitive Darmono was referring to was a former director of Bank Harapan Sentosa, Sherny Kojongian. His comments came prior to the arrest of Neneng Sri Wahyuni, the wife of high-profile graft convict Muhammad Nazaruddin and a corruption fugitive herself, presumably bringing that number down to 22.

Darmono said tracking down the remaining 22 was a difficult task, given that no traces of the fugitives had been left within or outside of Indonesia. If they are detected abroad, he said his team would first ask local authorities to check the fugitives’ immigration documents.

“If one has a defect in the immigration document, she/he could be deported,” Darmono said.

Deportation, he explained, would be a much less drawn out process than initiating extradition proceedings.

Sherny, who was convicted in absentia, fled Indonesia before she was sentenced by the Central Jakarta District Court to 20 years in prison for embezzling state money via the Bank Indonesia Liquidity Credit (KLBI) bailout funds. She was arrested in San Francisco, California, last week.

Neneng was a board member of Alfindo Nuratama, a privately-owned company for which she is accused of having brokered a contract deal that allegedly caused Rp 3.8 billion ($403,000) in losses to the state. She was arrested by the KPK at her South Jakarta home on Wednesday.