Indonesian Govt to Send Thousands of ‘Problematic’ Workers Home from Saudi Arabia

By webadmin on 11:28 am Oct 25, 2011
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The Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia said that between Sept. 19 and Oct. 24, 2011 it issued travel documents in lieu of passports or SPLP to 4,550 illegal workers and migrants who ran away from their employers after being unpaid or suffering abuse.

The female migrants mostly worked as maids and the male ones as drivers.

Two thousand five hundred people have been flown home by the Saudi government and the rest will be flown by Garuda planes from Jeddah on Oct. 30 and 31.

Those who are scheduled to fly home later this month are currently staying in a shelter near Jeddah.

The head of the consulate general, Zakaria Anshar, and the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s director for protection and legal aid, Tatang B. Razak, led the mission, making sure all the migrants had proper documents and were in good health.

Indonesia imposed a ban on sending migrant workers to Saudi Arabia, a major destination for domestic workers, following cases of abuse and murder.

The last Indonesian worker to be executed by the Saudi government was Ruyati binti Sapubi, 54. She was beheaded on June 18 after she was convicted of killing her Saudi employer, prompting Indonesia to recall its ambassador from Saudi Arabia for “consultations.”