Indonesian Govt Implements Work Safety Standards

By webadmin on 12:43 pm May 25, 2012
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The Indonesian government has finally implemented the work safety and health management system (SMK3), a 2003 law that  requires companies with over 100 workers to enforce health and safety standards.  

“After nine years of waiting, on April 12, a government regulation on the implementation of the SMK3 was signed by the president,” Manpower and Transmigration Minister Muhaimin Iskandar said late on Thursday evening.

Muhaimin said the SMK3 was the first step in providing protection and basic rights of workers. The law aims to create good working environments that are also conducive to the growth of the business sector.

However, Muhaimin admitted that the implementation of the system was still far from satisfactory, because there was not yet an effective supervisory function.

“[We] hope this government regulation optimizes both the guidance on and supervision of the SMK3 in all sectors which impact implementation at the working place or company,” Muhimin said.

The regulation, he said, requires companies with over 100 workers (or those with dangerous working conditions) to adopt the management system.

The companies are required to conduct a preliminary observation of their working conditions, accord attention on the safety and health levels at work, accept and consider inputs from the workers and conduct monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the SMK3 at their production sites.

The regulation also stipulates that the implementation of the SMK3 will be by manpower supervisors from the central government as well as those at provincial and district or municipal levels.

The results of the supervision will be used as an input for the supervisors to guide the company in conducting the necessary improvements.

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