Indonesian Government Allocates Rp 3t to Prevent Air Transportation Accidents

By webadmin on 11:43 am May 22, 2012
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Edo Rusyanto

Denpasar. The Indonesian government allocated Rp 3 trillion ($321 million) this year to improve airport infrastructure and to prevent air transportation accidents.

“The budgeted Rp 3 trillion is part of the total ministry budget of Rp 5 trillion,” said air transportation director general of the Indonesian Transportation Ministry Herry Bakti Gumay on the sidelines of the regional runway safety seminar as quoted by Investor Daily.

Herry said improving airports included navigation systems, aprons and taxiways.

“This is to suppress air transportation accidents on land,” he said. “At the moment, 59 percent of air transportation accidents are related to ground handling or runways.”

Deputy Minister of Transportation Bambang Susantono said there would be four steps to prevent air transportation accidents: improving airport infrastructure, upgrading aviation facilities to international safety standards, upgrading staff quality including pilots, air traffic controllers and ground handling officials and fixing safety systems.

Bambang said the government would soon establish runway safety teams (RST) in every Indonesian airport in coordination with the International Civil Aviation Organization.

“After the European Union banned Indonesian airlines, we have gotten direct assistance from ICAO,” he said.

Investor Daily