Indonesian Fans Help Miyabi Find Peterporn Sex Tape Video

By webadmin on 02:46 pm Jun 16, 2010
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Jakarta Globe

Maria Ozawa, popularly known as Miyabi, until recently Indonesia’s most popular porn star, has thanked her local fans with helping her find the Peterporn celebrity sex tape footage on the Internet.

Writing on Twitter, the half French, half Japanese pornographic actress, said she had first learned of the sex tape after the word “Peterporn” became a trending topic on the social networking site.

Two of the clips feature Peterpan frontman Ariel and current girlfriend Luna Maya, who like Miyabi is half Western. A third clip allegedly features Ariel and “Insert” gossip show host Cut Tari.

Miyabi said that her Indonesian fans helped her finally locate the video after a mammoth search.

“Guys, after 2 day search on the web, today I got the real video of peterporn ? Many thanks for my follower in indonesia who give the link..,” Miyabi said on her Twitter account @ozawazone on Wednesday.

She said she was sorry that she could not answer any questions regarding the video.

“So many mentions asking me about peterporn, sorry I cant answer for that, because I have quote “don’t judge the book from the cover,” she said.