Indonesian ‘Dancing Cop’ Gets Online Support

By webadmin on 11:48 am Apr 05, 2011
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Jakarta Globe

Social networking users are rallying online to defend a police officer who has come under scrutiny by Gorontalo Police after a video of him dancing at his post went viral on the Internet.

First it was Sinta and Jojo lip syncing and dancing to dangdut song “Keong Racun,” now First Brig. Norman Kamaru, a Gorontalo Mobile Brigade police officer, is the next Indonesian YouTube sensation.

The video of Norman shows him in his police uniform, lip syncing and dancing to “Chaiyya-Chaiyya” by Indian movie star Sahrukh Khan song, while sitting at his post. Title “Gorontalo Police Goes Crazy,” the video has been viewed by more than 164,000 people since it was uploaded six days ago.

Gorontalo Police spokesman Adj. Sr. Comr. Wilson Damanik said the police would investigate why Norman had uploaded the video on YouTube and would impose administrative sanctions on him.

But viewers of the video have left comments applauding Norman for “showing his human side.”

“Mr Policeman, I like your style! Keep your head up, ignore what they say. You’re cool!”, a viewer named Aldebaran wrote.

Diahtriana wrote: “A policeman is also human, they also needs to relax and entertain themselves. Pak Norman is very entertaining to us as well!”

A similar comment was voiced by Cantona, who said that Norman should be a celebrity because he could help the police fix their tarnished image.

“It’s OK for a policeman to have a sense of humor. Besides he did that to get rid of boredom, don’t punish him. I even hope he will be on TV and dance, it will be good for police image,” Cantona wrote.

The plan to punish Norman has sparked outcry from social media users, with the Facebook page “Support First. Brig. Norman Kamaru Express Himself” being created and Twitter users defending him under the hash tag #BriptuNorman.

Twitter user @rayafahrezza said, “I am supporting #BriptuNorman, at least he’s entertaining.”

Blogger and comic @radityadika wrote, “Briptu Norman has shown us that inside every person there is a desire to dance to Indian songs,” while @helen_irawati wrote, “If Briptu Norman enjoys dancing in his uniform, it means he’s happy being a cop. Don’t you get it?”

The director of the Gajahmada University’s Anti Corruption Study Center (Pukat UGM), Zainal Arifin Muchtar, has advised the police against punishing Norman because he has not violated any ethics.

“Do not punish him. People need to take time out and there’s nothing wrong with that. It shows a human side of a police officer,” Zainal said.