Indonesian Celebrities and Politician Drug Tests Come Back Negative

By webadmin on 02:11 pm Jan 28, 2013
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Farouk Arnaz, SP/Fana Fadzikrillahi, SP/Deti Mega Purnamasari, Lenny Tristia Tambun

The Indonesian celebrities and politician arrested in Sunday’s raid of actor Raffi Ahmad’s South Jakarta home all tested negative for drug use, a National Narcotics Agency (BNN) source said.

The anti-narcotics agency still plans to charge Raffi with a lesser offense after officers seized fourteen Ecstasy pills and two marijuana joints during a raid of the actor’s Lebak Bulus home. Seventeen people were arrested, including five who allegedly tested positive for drug use, said a source with the BNN who wished to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to speak with the press.

Investigators were awaiting the results of more extensive drug tests conducted on blood and hair samples to determine whether any of the group had a history of drug use, the source said.

“We’re still waiting for the results of blood and hair samples,” the source told the Jakarta Globe. “The function of this test is to prove whether Raffi [and his associates] have been using narcotics for a long period, but did not use the narcotics that night.”

The anti-narcotics agency began the tests on Sunday, but the were still waiting for the results, the head of the BNN’s laboratory Kuswardani said.

“The hair tests needs more time as it [has a high level of] accuracy,” Kuswardani said. “We have been [testing] it since last night.”

Raffi, 25, actress Zaskia Sungkar, 22, actor Irwansyah, 27, and the National Mandate Party’s (PAN) Wanda Hamidah, a 34-year-old member of the Jakarta Legislative Council, were all arrested in the raid. Five others, including a university student, a lawyer and a consultant, tested positive for drug use.

They face a maximum of four years in prison if convicted of drug use under Indonesia’s narcotics law. Raffi faces a maximum of one year in prison and Rp 50 million ($5,170) in fines if convicted of failing to report narcotics use.

The BNN plans to push for a lesser charge for Raffi if the blood and hair tests also come back negative, the source said.

“Raffi can deny that [the drugs] were his, but he can not deny the location,” the source said. “It is his house and he was there. We’ll try to charge him on it.”

BNN investigators began to follow the group after allegedly spotting them at a party in Kemang, South Jakarta, spokesman Sumirat Dwiyanto said. The officers raided Raffi’s home at 5 a.m. on Sunday. They reportedly found the marijuana inside Raffi’s dining room and the Ecstasy pills inside a kitchen drawer, Sumirat said.

“Ten people were on the ground floor [when the officers stormed the house],” he said. “Some of them were playing on their laptop, some were dancing and three more people had just arrived. All of them arrested and investigated at the BNN [office], including the three newcomers.”

Jakarta officials came to Wanda’s defense on Monday, but promised tough sanctions if she was found guilty. 

“Wanda is an active legislator, [who] diligently attends meetings and plenary meetings,” Jakarta Legislative Council Secretary Mangara Pardede said, adding that people should remember that Wanda is innocent until proven guilty.

Jakarta Deputy Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama said he was surprised to hear of her arrest.

“I don’t know her very well, [but] I don’t think [she was involved],” Basuki said. “I don’t know about it. Let’s wait for the results.”

Basuki described Wanda as a well-known public figure who pushed for education reform and promised to fight against drug use.

“I thought in a meeting that we agreed to fight against drug use in Jakarta,” Basuki said.

He suggested that Wanda was at the party to tell others to stop using drugs.

“Wanda wants to fight [drug abuse], so she has to get along with the users,” he
said, adding that Wanda might have been doing research to help her understand the situation better. 

Anti-drug activists have called the arrests an example of rampant drug
use by Indonesian celebrities, who they accuse of undermining the
nation’s efforts to stamp out the narcotics trade. A dozen celebrities
have been detained over alleged drug use since 2007.