Indonesian Broadcast Commissioner Reports Death Threats to Police

By webadmin on 08:23 pm Jun 26, 2012
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Bayu Marhaenjati

Ezky Suyanto, a member of the Indonesian Broadcast Commission (KPI), on Tuesday reported anonymous death threats sent to her via telephone and Twitter to the Jakarta Police.

“I was called yesterday, on Monday, at 5:00 p.m. The caller used the same number, but it could not be traced. The caller said, ‘Don’t do just anything or I will kill you,’ and ‘Ignore Olga,’ ” Ezky said.

“Olga” referred to the popular comedian Olga Syahputra, who made comments during a recent television appearance that the commission is investigating.

Ezky said she was also sent similar death threats on Twitter from an account with the name “Olga Lover.”

“The tweet, from the Olga Lover account, said: ‘Don’t meddle in the Olga affairs,’” she said, adding that the tweet was also very rude, although she declined to give details.

Ezky said that in reporting the case to police, she was not accusing anyone of terrorism.

“We are reporting the case to teach a lesson. If there are people who object, they should just come to the KPI office and not send threats, especially in public spaces,” she said.

She said the KPI is in the process of investigating complaints from the public on comments made by the comedian that are believed to be religiously defamatory.

“It [the case] will be taken up at the plenary meeting,” of the KPI, Ezky said.