Indonesian Band Peterpan Says ‘Noah’ Was Kept Secret for Two Years

By webadmin on 09:22 pm Aug 02, 2012
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The Indonesian band Peterpan, which gained a certain degree of fame (or infamy) after lead singer Nazriel “Ariel” Irham was sent to prison for leaked sex tapes, announced on Thursday that they’ve changed their name to “Noah.”

Ariel, who was just released from Kebon Waru Prison in Bandung last month, said the band decided on the new name two years ago, although they were considering three other names.

But the band decided to make the announcement after Ariel’s release from prison.

Ariel said the band’s five members kept Noah a secret during those two years, even among their closest friends and relatives.

“We had to lie smartly so that the new name wouldn’t be leaked . . . even the people closest to us didn’t know,” Ariel told a press conference at the office of Musica Studio in South Jakarta on Thursday, as quoted by Indonesian news portal

He was accompanied by other members of the band, including Uki, Lukman, David and Reza.

Ariel also said that Noah would launch its new single, “Separuh Aku” (“A Half of Me”), composed by David, on Friday. The song will reportedly be aired by 200 radio stations across Indonesia in unison at 3 p.m. on Friday.

Ariel was arrested in June 2010 after videos of his sexual liaisons with two women, identified as fellow celebrities Luna Maya and Cut Tari, began circulating on the Internet.

He was convicted the following January under the Electronic Information and Transactions Law, despite insisting the videos were leaked without his knowledge by a former Peterpan employee, Reza Rizaldy.

Reza reportedly gave the videos to his cousin, who uploaded them to the Internet; Reza was sentenced to two years, while the cousin was not charged.

Ariel walked out of the Bandung prison on July 23 after serving two-thirds of his three-and-a-half-year prison sentence. He is, however, on a conditional release, and will be on probation for the next year under strict conditions.