Indonesian Antigraft Deputy Loses Gun in Surabaya

By webadmin on 02:53 pm Jul 30, 2010
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Nivell Rayda

Jakarta.  Corruption Eradication Commission deputy chairman, Muhammad Jasin made the astonishing gaffe of losing his firearm during a visit to Surabaya, East Java earlier this month, a source said on Thursday.

A source inside the commission, also known as the KPK, said that Jasin was in Surabaya to speak at a function held by the city administration about the eradication of corruption.

It was during a lunch break in one of the restaurants in Indonesia’s second largest city that Jasin noticed that his gun had gone missing.

“KPK bought 100 Walther PPK handguns last year worth Rp 16 million each and one was issued to Jasin. Usually, he wears it on his ankle for protection,” the source said to the Jakarta Globe.

“I’m not entirely sure how the firearm got lost. But Jasin recently filed for a replacement.”

Jasin confirmed that he had lost the pistol but refused to divulge further details.

“There is no crime there. It is just a mistake that my aides and I made. It has all been settled through internal mechanisms and I have already received the replacement,” he said to reporters. “What’s done is done. I don’t want to talk about it any more.”

Jasin added that he had reported the missing firearm to the Surabaya police. “One of my aides reported on my behalf,” he said.

According to internal regulations, KPK commissioners have the right to carry firearms to defend themselves against possible threats.

The commissioners also receive around the clock protection from armed police officers.