Indonesia to Execute Two Foreigners on Death Row Soon

By webadmin on 07:24 pm Jun 15, 2012
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Purwokerto. Two foreigners found guilty of smuggling heroin into Indonesia are expected to be executed by a firing squad in the coming months.

The two death row inmates, currently housed at Nusakambangan Island penitentiary, Cilacap, are Namaona Denis from Malawi and Muhammad Abdul Hafez from Pakistan.

Namaona Denis was sentenced to death after being convicted of smuggling one kilogram of heroin, while Mohammed Abdul Hafez was convicted of smuggling 900 grams of heroin.

Both foreign nationals were tried and sentenced by the Tangerang District Court in 2001.

It has been rumored that the two inmates will be executed in July 2012 because Tangerang prosecutors have coordinated with the embassies of the countries of origin of the prisoners. The police will serve as the executioners.

Djaja Subagya, head of the Tangerang prosecutor’s office, confirmed the execution plan.

“Both of them have tried some legal efforts [to escape] the death sentence, such as appeal, review and clemency, but all have been rejected,” Djaja said as quoted by “Because they have been rejected, we’re going to execute them.”

Djaja said he would send official letters to Nusakambangan penitentiary, the Justice and Human Rights Ministry, the Central Java police and embassies of countries where the prisoners are from.

“The execution process is long and should not be done carelessly,” he said.

Djaja also said the prisoners might want to send their last messages to their families.

“Last messages such as where they want to be buried,” he said.