Indonesia Responds to Boat in Distress

By webadmin on 10:54 am Jun 28, 2012
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Indonesian rescuers were Thursday responding to a boat in distress off Java, Australian authorities said, but it was not believed to be carrying asylum seekers.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said: “AMSA is aware of an incident 20 nautical miles south of Java that is being coordinated by the Indonesian search and rescue agency Basarnas.

“Reports from Basarnas indicate the vessel in distress is a fishing vessel.”

AMSA said it was not involved in the rescue.

Authorities are edgy after a vessel carrying an estimated 134 asylum seekers sank in the Indian Ocean en route to Australia’s Christmas Island on Wednesday.

AMSA said 130 people were rescued, one body was recovered and three people “went down with the vessel”.

The incident comes just days after another boat with around 200 people on board capsized in the Indian Ocean as it made its way to Australia.

In that tragedy, rescuers managed to save 110 people and 17 bodies were recovered, but no other survivors were found.

Agence France-Presse