Indonesia Ranks High in Limiting Government Powers: Report

By webadmin on 01:30 pm Nov 30, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Indonesia ranks first among 23 lower-middle-income countries in establishing effective limits on governmental power, a recent report has said.

“The country ranks first among lower-middle-income countries for checks on government power and open government,” the World Justice Project’s (WJP) Rule of Law Index for 2012 said, according to a statement obtained by the Jakarta Globe on Friday.

Overall, out of a total of 97 countries assessed, Indonesia ranks 29th in establishing effective limits on government power and 35th in open government.

“Indonesians enjoy higher degrees of participation in the administration of the laws than individuals in other East Asia and Pacific region countries,” the report noted.

However, the report also identified endemic corruption and weaknesses in the judicial system present throughout the country.

“Corruption is pervasive, ranking last in the region and 86th globally. The courts are perceived to be independent of government control, but affected by powerful private interests and corruption,” the WJP said.

The assessment also added that the civil justice system remained underdeveloped, ranking 66th overall and 10th among lower-middle income countries, because of a lack of affordable legal series, inefficient enforcement mechanisms and the lengthy duration of cases.

Police abuses and harsh conditions at correctional facilities were also singled out by the report as posing “significant problems.”

“Achieving the rule of law is a constant challenge and work in progress in all countries,” World Justice Project founder William H. Neukom said.

He added that the index was not designed to shame or blame, but instead to provide useful reference points for countries of the same regions, with comparable legal culture and similar income levels.

Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore lead the East Asia And Pacific region in most dimensions concerning the rule of law.

The World Justice Project is an independent, non-profit organization working to advance the rule of law. Its index reports are issued annually.