Indonesia Police Nab Pakistan-Trained Terror Suspect in Maluku

By webadmin on 02:17 pm Sep 14, 2012
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Farouk Arnaz

The National Police’s anti-terror squad
has arrested a man suspected of being a Pakistan-trained terrorist, a
spokesman said on Friday.

“The arrest of the man whose initials are WD took place on
Thursday [in Southeast Maluku] and was a result of the six previous
arrests,” National Police spokesman Brig, Gen. Boy Rafli Amar
said on Friday.

He was referring to the six terror suspects who were arrested
during a raid on a house in Ambon, Maluku, on Sunday.

“Therefore we are now investigating seven people, two of whom
we have sufficient evidence on, Sukri and Jummu,” he added.

Boy said WD was “an important figure” because he had
undergone training with Pakistan’s Laskar e Thiba, which was involved
in the terror attack in Mumbai in November 2008.

“He is an alumni of the training camp there. From our
monitoring, we believe he was planning to conduct actions in Central and South
Sulawesi,” he said.

Boy said it was WD who usually carried the MK3 firearm that police
managed to confiscate during the raid Sunday raid.
Police also seized an MNC gun, a grenade, magazines and about
3,000 bullets as well as a bomb-making manual.

“They are suspected of being involved in a series of terror incidents
in Ambon and outside of Among,” a source within the
anti-terror squad said.

The source also said  the group was
suspected of having been involved in the attack on a police post in
Loki, Seram island, in 2005 that left five policemen dead.