Indonesia in One Word: an Art Initiative

By webadmin on 02:33 pm Sep 05, 2012
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Mustika Hapsoro

How would you describe Indonesia in one word?

‘Hot’ immediately comes to the mind of many. While the optimists hail words in the lines of ‘unity’ or ‘development,’ pessimists will throw in words like ‘corruption,’ ‘nepotism,’ and ‘bureaucratic’ to illustrate the nation.

One word may not be enough to describe the world’s 4th largest populated country, but as a collective, we can see what many Indonesians and foreigners think about the country.

Twitter users have given their idea on what Indonesia means to them in just one word — you can also join in by tweeting your word of choice followed by the #IndonesiaSatuKata (“#IndonesiaOneWord) hashtag.

The Twitter results will be displayed on September 7-8 in an art exhibition by two young Indonesian artists Satrya Damarjati and Reo P. K.

Entitled ‘Pameran Rumahan KEHOUSE’ (a wordplay on ‘chaos’), the exhibition will present messages to the country, as an attempt to criticize social and political issues as well as the cultural habits of everyday Indonesians.

A particular quirk to this exhibition is their choice of venue. Aptly titled ‘Pameran Rumahan’ (‘House Exhibition’), the exhibition will be held in a house, as opposed to the usual galleries or museums to hold an exhibition.

“Sometimes the concept of holding the perfect exhibition becomes a hindrance in executing the event itself,” Satrya explained. “So, we choose to hold this in a house because home symbolizes our comfort zone and is also the first institution where social norms and habits are instilled.”

Highlights of the art installations include Satrya’s “Resah Ibukota” and “Koin Untuk Bapak Hamil.” “Resah Ibukota” (“Restless Capital”) is a series of photographs depicting the growing uncertainties of Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia.

As for “Koin Untuk Bapak Hamil” (“Coin for Pregnant Father”) shows the generosity of Indonesians in donating to the less fortunate. “‘Coin for Pregnant Father’ was inspired by the generosity of Indonesians in raising funds for a purpose. An example is “Coin for KPK,” Satrya said, citing a money-collecting movement to support the country’s anti-graft commission’s new building.

“I also noticed that corruption has become the nation’s identity. “Coin for Pregnant Father” is one of the simplest actions we are directing to the corruptors; a message saying ‘Hey corruptors, we’ll donate you money, instead of you stealing it from us.’”
Meanwhile, Reo’s projects that will be on display are “Dijual Persatuan Indonesia” and “Siapa Yang Mau Jadi Babik-nya?”.

“Dijual Persatuan Indonesia” (“Indonesia’s Unity for Sale”) is a satirical installation to the Indonesian nation state that seems to have forgotten the meaning of Pancasila, the country’s ideology. “Siapa yang Mau Jadi Babik-nya?” (“Who Wants to Be Their Pig?”) is a visual installment criticizing people who can only doubt and mock the leaders of the country but do nothing about it.

Pameran Rumahan KEHOUSE: Indonesia Satu Kata
Rumah Ketua Rukun Tetangga RT 002/005
Jl. Sinabung 3 No.12, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

September 7
5 p.m. – 10.30 p.m.

September 8
11 a.m. – 10.30 p.m.