Indonesia Boosts Anti-Terror Cooperation With China

By webadmin on 07:45 pm Jul 03, 2012
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Jinan, China. The Indonesian Military (TNI) is stepping up anti-terrorism cooperation with its Chinese counterpart to anticipate possible terror threats in the sky and at sea.
Terrorism’s forms are getting more varied now, the TNI commander said in a written speech read out by Maj. Gen. Wisnu Bawa Tenaya, the commander of the Indonesian Army Special Forces (Kopassus), during a joint exercise between Kopassus and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in Jinan, the Chinese province of Shandong, on Tuesday.                            

“The 2011 pattern of terrorism crimes is that they tended to target foreign institutions, business hubs, security apparatus, houses of worship and other public places,” TNI chief Adm. Agus Suhartono said.
“It is not impossible that the pattern will change; terrorism actions will aim at maritime and air targets, in line with technological development,” he added.

Agus further said this was the reason TNI also sent representatives from special forces with the Indonesian Navy and Air Force to observe the joint “Sharp Knife 2012” exercise in China, which is the second of its kind.

A total of 144 Chinese and Indonesian military personnel took part in the exercise on Tuesday.

Jinan’s military commander, Maj Gen. Qiuxing, similarly emphasized the need for international military cooperation to anticipate terror acts that might no longer happen on land alone, but also at sea and in the air.

Aside from China, Indonesia has also established anti-terror cooperation with the United States and Australia, among other nations.