Indonesia Best Country to Start Business: BBC

By webadmin on 01:34 pm May 26, 2011
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Jakarta Globe

Indonesia has been listed as the top country for entrepreneurs to start a business, ahead of the United States, Canada, India and Australia, according to a survey commissioned by the BBC.

The results are based on 24,000 interviews conducted by international survey firm Globescan across 24 different countries — where respondents were asked whether innovation and entrepreneurial was highly valued in their country and how easy it was to start a business.

According to the BBC, developed countries fared well in the survey with the exception of Italy, which appeared alongside Colombia, Egypt Turkey and Russia as being the least conducive environments for starting a business.

Along with Indonesia, developing countries India, China and Nigeria were also seen as favorable places for entrepreneurs.

While most of the results paralleled global perceptions of countries that fostered new businesses, there were a couple of anomalies. For example, Nigeria rated well despite high levels of corruption.