Inaugural Luminar Awards To Honor Inspiring Indonesian Artists

By webadmin on 08:14 pm Aug 17, 2012
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Kimberly Alamsyah

Yayasan Bintang Karya Cipta, a nonprofit organization promoting art and culture, has launched an award to acknowledge inspiring Indonesian artists.

Anugerah Bintang Luminar will recognize public figures who have made significant contributions in the fields of art, entertainment and fashion.

The creators of the event hope it will eventually be on par with internationally recognized awards such as Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards, South Korea’s Blue Dragon Awards and the Grammy Awards and Academy Awards in the United States.

There are nine award categories. They include best male and female singer, best male and female actor, best musical duo or group, best male and female television presenters, best fashion designer and a lifetime achievement award.

Nominees were chosen by a committee made up of industry professionals, including Irma Hardisurya, Mayong Suryo Laksono, Jay Subyakto, Bens Leo and Rosiana Silalahi.

People can vote for their favorite artists online at or via text message at 0816 1779 8865.

“We want the community to participate as much as they can so that they own the process and have a say in it,” said Miranty Abidin, founder and chairwoman of Yayasan Bintang Karya Cipta.

“The participation of Indonesian society in voting for and showing their appreciation for their role models is one way Anugerah Bintang Luminar can realize its primary goal to inspire the younger generation,” said Mayong Suryo Laksono, a reporter and television host.

Another television host, Rosianna Silalahi, said the voting system was intended to invite the public to interact with the awards directly and to inspire voters.

Voting is open until Aug. 30. and people can view the updated results on the group’s website.

Actress Desy Ratnasari, actor Lukman Sardi, singers Agnes Monica and Katon Bagaskara, the band Kahitna, TV presenters Najwa Shihab and Alvin Adam, fashion designer Susan Budihardjo and veteran singer Waldjinah are currently leading with the most votes in their respective categories.

The awards night will be held at Balai Kartini on Sept. 14. Trophy recipients will have their names and hands printed on a “Bintang Luminar,” which will be added to the Avenue of the Stars at eXion Mall in Kemang Village, South Jakarta.