‘I’m Upset With the Filmmakers Involving Me in This Deception’: Mr. Bean Look-Alike

By webadmin on 08:34 am Jun 18, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

Producer KK Dheerj reportedly went to great lengths to imply that Rowan Atkinson was starring in his film “Mr. Bean Possessed by D.P.,” despite objections raised by the film’s unknowing star, Mr. Bean look-alike William Ferguson.
“They implied I was Mr. Atkinson, which disturbed me,” Ferguson said in an email to the Jakarta Globe. “I spoke to them about this on several occasions . . . the agency also warned KK that what he was doing was misrepresentation.”
Jakarta Police are now investigating claims that Dheerj purposely deceived audiences by allegedly implying that the popular British comedian Rowan Atkinson — the star of the hit television series “Mr. Bean” — was in fact starring in the Indonesian ghost film “Mr. Bean Kesurupan D.P.”
Dheerj has denied the claims.
“I never wrote Rowan Atkinson’s name on the poster,” he said. “I did not deceive the public.”
But Ferguson said that the producer routinely implied that he was the real Mr. Bean. He also lied to Ferguson about his role in the film, the Mr. Bean look-alike said.
Dheerj contacted Ferguson’s agent with an attractive offer. He wanted to fly Ferguson to Jakarta to act in the background of a horror/comedy film, performing some “Mr. Bean-type nonsense” in a few scenes.
“Would you turn down an offer like this?” Ferguson said. “It wasn’t ‘til the end of the first day['s] shoot that I realized I was one of the main characters in the movie.”
Ferguson shot his scenes in three 14-hour days, he said — the entertainer had to wear a death shroud in many scenes, acting as a hopping “pocong” ghost. Ferguson said the wardrobe was stiflingly hot.
“It was very hot to me without the shroud, so you can imagine inside the shroud the heat was intense,” he said. “I come from Scotland where the hottest we experience is 22 degrees Celsius! But the good side was the mosquitoes could not get to me!”
During his time in Jakarta, Ferguson said wasn’t allowed to talk to the press, restrictions that he believes were put in place to deceive moviegoers that he was Atkinson.
“People did think I was the real Mr. Bean,” Ferguson said. “Before I got on the plane people wanted to take my picture. It did not help that the film company would not let me be photographed [or] interviewed. I also had a police bodyguard to ensure the illusion was still given that I was Mr. Atkinson.”
He apologized to Indonesian moviegoers who felt deceived after watching the film.
“I can only apologize to those viewers,” he said. “I would not like to go to a movie claiming they had my favorite actor starring to find out it was not as claimed. I hope I wasn’t too much of a disappointment as I did my best in character, but I am only a look-alike.
“I don’t want to be involved in KK’s ‘illusion’ that I was Mr. Atkinson and that I was aware of what he was doing and colluded with him,” he continued. “I did not collude with him. I am upset with the filmmakers who are involving me in this deception.”