‘I’m Not a Cold-Blooded Monster,’ Jakarta Drunk Driver Tells Court

By webadmin on 03:25 pm Aug 08, 2012
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A woman charged with murdering nine pedestrians in Jakarta while driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol in January pleaded guilty during a court hearing on Wednesday, saying she deeply regretted the incident.

“I’m not a cold-blooded monster,” Afriyani Susanti, 29, told the panel of judges at the Central Jakarta District Court. “I’m a human, just like every other human in this room. I regret [the incident] and have been haunted by fear.

“I never intended, even in my dreams, to kill anyone. I know the incident has caused deep wounds. I deeply regret it. I really do apologize to families of the victims. I hope there will be no other Afriyani in the future.”

Afriyani allegedly killed nine people and injured three others as she drove through a crowd of pedestrians near Tugu Tani monument in Central Jakarta on Jan. 22. Police reports said she had taken ecstasy and consumed alcohol on the night of the accident.

Prosecutors have demanded 20 years in prison for Afriyani, charging her with murder, drug possession and violating the traffic law. They have alleged that she purposefully drove a car in a condition that endangered others and caused death.

Afriyani’s lawyers earlier argued that she never intended to kill, saying charges of murder were inappropriate.

Afriyani pleaded guilty in the hearing on Wednesday but asked the judges to be lenient with her.

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