Idul Fitri Traffic Accident Death Toll Rises to 686

By webadmin on 11:12 am Aug 24, 2012
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The Jakarta Globe

In the 12 days leading up to and including August 22, the window of time for Indonesia’s annual Idul Fitri exodus, road accidents claimed 686 lives and caused an estimated Rp 8.1 billion ($853,000) in material losses, transportation ministry data showed on Friday.

A total of 3,926 accidents were recorded during the 12-day period by the Integrated 2012 Lebaran Transportation Coordinating Post.

According to data collected, the accidents left 686 people dead, 1,093 others seriously injured and another 3,650 lightly injured. These figures were reported by 42 of 129 outposts in district and municipal transportation offices across the country.

The highest number of casualties were documented on Monday, Auguest 13: 74 people were killed, causing losses with an estimated worth of Rp 1.01 billion.