ICW Refuses to Bow to ‘Terror’

By webadmin on 01:58 pm Jul 08, 2010
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Dessy Sagita

Indonesian Corruption Watch chairman Danang Widoyoko says the brutal beating of an antigraft investigator by unknown assailants could be related to its prominent investigation into indications of massive police corruption.

Danang was commenting after ICW Tama Satrya Langkun, who had a prominent role in an investigation into many millions of dollars stashed in the bank accounts of a number of police generals, was beaten about the head and body and stabbed during an early morning attack.

“[The attack] could be a backlash from our activities in reporting corruption and suspicious bank accounts,” Danang told the Jakarta Globe.

Despite the cowardly attack by at least four large and well-built assailants, Danang said ICW would not bow to “terror.”

“The terror attack carries a strong warning — whoever did this wants us to stop talking about corruption but we must remain brave,” he said.

ICW have lodged a criminal complaint with police, as well as the National Commission for Human Rights.

Dadang said South Jakarta Police had placed two officers outside Tama’s hospital room for protection but would not seek special protection for other ICW staff members.

“Whatever will be, will be. We can’t ask for special treatment. This is the consequence of our job.”

Dadang said Tama — who is in a stable condition — knew he was being stalked.

“Tama had received several phone calls from somebody who claimed to be a reporter, but the caller refused Tama’s offer to meet at ICW’s office,” Danang said.