ICW Asks for Nazaruddin, Neneng’s Assets to Be Confiscated

By webadmin on 03:07 pm Jun 18, 2012
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Novianti Setuningsih

Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) urged the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to immediately seize all assets owned by graft convict Muhammad Nazaruddin and his wife, Neneng Sri Wahyuni, who was arrested on Wednesday, and is also accused of corruption.

“According to our information, the return of [Neneng] to Indonesia was for the transfer of assets belonging to Nazaruddin and others. Well, the assets must be quickly seized and given to the KPK,” said ICW researcher Donald Fariz on Monday.

Donald said seizing the assets was paramount in building a case against Neneng. Some lawmakers suspect that the wife of the former Democratic Party Treasurer returned to Indonesia to secure assets of hers and Nazaruddin’s, which are believed to total up to Rp 1 trillion.  

But KPK spokesman Johan Budi said that while investigators have seized some assets belonging to Nazaruddin, they are still trying to determine why Neneng returned to Indonesia after being on the run for nearly 10 months, what type of “assets” are in play and what their total value is. 

“There is no information regarding the transfer of assets,” said Budi.

During his trial over the rigged tender for the construction of the athletes’ village in Palembang, Nazaruddin asked the KPK to unblock Neneng’s bank accounts, a request that was denied by the Jakarta Anti-Corruption Court.

Also clouding the issue is exactly what assets and accounts Nazaruddin and Neneng posses. Nazaruddin has hinted that his assets include houses and up to five bank accounts of which he claims he does not know the total value.

Nazaruddin said that the account valued at Rp 890 million ($94,000) was the only one blocked by the KPK. According to him, the numbers are small because he said he didn’t spend his salary while he served as treasurer.  

“My account that was blocked was only Rp 890 million, because when I was a member of the [Democratic Party]. I never used my  salary,” said Nazaruddin.