Human Error No. 1 Cause of Indonesia’s Transport Accidents in 2012: KNKT

By webadmin on 04:09 pm Dec 28, 2012
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The National Committee for Transportation Safety on Friday reported that the majority of 256 transportation accidents investigated by the agency and occurring in Indonesia this year were caused by human error.

“That is the fact. Results of investigations show the materials were good, but the personnel weren’t good enough,” Tatang Kurniadi, the head of the committee known as KNKT, told a press conference in Jakarta, according to Indonesian news portal

He said KNKT investigated 256 transportation accidents across the country during 2012, comprised of 41 road, 44 train, 31 marine and 140 aviation accidents.

He added that 58 of the cases were “serious incidents,” including the Sukhoi Superjet crash that killed all 45 people on board during a demonstration flight in May.

The KNKT announced last week that the pilot’s unfamiliarity with the terrain of West Java’s Mount Salak, which the plane crashed into, was to blame for Indonesia’s most deadly air accident since the Adam Air crash in 2007, which killed all 102 people on board as the plane plunged into the sea off Sulawesi.

Tatang further said road accidents were especially attributable to human error, causing 71 percent of such accidents this year, and aviation accidents, accounting for 61 percent of those cases.