HTC Launches Affordable High-End Smartphones in Indonesia

By webadmin on 02:17 pm Jun 10, 2012
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Natasha Gan

They say if you want a stylish phone, you have to put up with second-class performance. Conversely, if you have a multicapable phone, it might not be easy on the eyes.

HTC shows that technology can actually match craftsmanship as it launches the newest additions to its collection of smartphones.

During the ninth Indonesia Cellular show on June 6, HTC Indonesia launched the HTC OneS and the HTC Desire series featuring astounding Beats Audio and video performances and the widely demanded dual SIM capability.

Now users can switch between their social and work lives without changing phones.

To be considered a smartphone, HTC requires its phones to have friendly user interfaces, large screens, impressive designs and technology, and the latest operating system. And sure enough, with a 4.3 inch Gorilla Glass screen, equipped with the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and a 1.5 GHz processor, the 119-gram One S is HTC’s thinnest at 7.8 millimeters wide.

“This is the first time that we’ve come up with a product with such intricate aesthetics,” said Samudra Seto, HTC Indonesia’s head of product marketing. “You can say One S has a timeless design.”

Thanks to the microscopic lasers used in the manufacturing process, One S has a smooth exterior that protects it from scratches.

Besides its dual SIM slots, another feature to boast is its eight-megapixel camera that autofocuses faster than the blink of an eye. Even with no light at all, One S can capture perfect moments with its LED flash and BSI sensor.

The phone won’t run out of memory soon while storing multiple high-resolution, vivid photos because One S has 16 GB of total storage with an extra Dropbox storage of 25 GB.

Be it acoustic or house, music lovers will be satisfied with the Beats Audio of this newest One Series phone. One S has a live streaming feature, able to access over 50.000 international radio stations through the Internet.

“We didn’t forget about the other customers though, we came up with some budget products,” Samudra said. “Affordable but with advanced features.”

This time, HTC will also cater to middle- to lower-class customers with three new smartphones from the Desire series.

The HTC Desire C, which also has the latest Android 4.0 OS, has a high-resolution screen as large as an iPhone but weighing 28 percent lighter at 98 grams.

Together with its five-megapixel camera, Desire C boasts a Beats Audio feature that once could only be found in high-end smartphones.

“Judging from the design and the technology, I didn’t expect Desire C to be marketed to the low-end,” Samudra said.

HTC Desire C is targeted to teenagers, offering the smartphone in red, white and black, with colorful anti-slip casings suitable for young adults.

Still in the same Desire series, HTC also launched Desire V and VC. The two smartphones posses similar features — including the dual SIM card slots — at more affordable prices. For Desire V, it can accommodate GSM and GSM (3G) SIM cards whereas VC accommodates GSM and CDMA SIM cards.

“HTC V and VC are the first smartphones in the world to have dual SIM compatibility and that’s perfect for Indonesians,” Samudra said. “They have the features and qualities identical to premium phones people can’t usually find.”

The smartphones, in collaboration with SmartFren provider, will be in stores by the end of this month. The high-end One S has an estimated price of Rp 5.5 million while the Desire series are more affordable at a range of Rp 2.5 million to Rp 3.5 million ($270 to $370).