How a ‘Phishing’ E-Mail and Racy Photos Nearly Cost Rp 500m

By webadmin on 10:15 pm Feb 21, 2012
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Farouk Arnaz

Racy pictures stored in an online e-mail service and an injudicious approach to spam have put a foreign businessman in an embarrassing situation and landed an ex-public servant in a police cell.

The foreigner, from a Southeast Asian country and whose identity the police have not revealed, apparently opened a “phishing” e-mail, which fooled him into revealing his password.

The hacker wasted no time in changing the businessman’s password, giving him full control over the account, which, it turned out, contained intimate pictures of the foreigner together with his wife.

“The perpetrator then threatened the victim via blackmail. The incident was reported to our cybercrime department on February 6,” National Police spokesman Saud Usman Nasution said on Tuesday.

The blackmailer demanded Rp 500 million ($55,500) as “ransom” for the photos.

“If the victim didn’t pay up, the blackmailer claimed he would publish the photos all over the Internet,” Saud said.

Lucky for the businessman, the police managed to track the blackmailer down within two days of receiving the report.

The alleged perpetrator was B.A., a 32-year-old ex-public servant, who the police say they arrested in an Internet cafe in the Central Java town of Wonosobo.