House of Hidayat Campaign Team Member Hit by Molotov Cocktail

By webadmin on 07:14 pm Jun 21, 2012
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Lenny Tristia Tambun

A day after a peace declaration in the capital’s gubernatorial race was signed by five pairs of Jakarta gubernatorial candidates, a molotov cocktail was thrown in the early hours of Thursday at the house of Suryadi, a team member of the Hidayat Nurwahid and Didik J. Rachbini campaign.

The molotov cocktail hit the back of Suryadi’s car and burned its spare tire. Neighbors who saw the incident extinguished the fire.

Suryadi claimed that he did not know who threw the molotov cocktail, but had received information that two men on a motorcycle did it.

“I hope the police can arrest the terrorists,” he said. “Whatever the motive they have, it is endangering security.”

Hidayat, from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), said he considered the attack to be serious terrorism, and demanded that police find those responsible.

“This incident cannot be justified; it could be categorized as savage,” he said.

The campaign teams of the six candidates running in next month’s gubernatorial election in Jakarta have signed a pact with city authorities to ensure peaceful campaigning and balloting.

Insp. Gen. Untung S. Rajab, the Jakarta Police chief, said on Wednesday that the peace declaration was meant to secure the candidates’ commitment to conducting a safe, orderly and fair election.

“We want this election to proceed peacefully,” he said. “Everything, from the preparations to the balloting to the announcement [of the results], must be carried out in a secure and peaceful environment.”

Most candidates and their running mates attended the signing at police headquarters, with the exception of Governor Fauzi Bowo and Solo Mayor Joko Widodo. Another absentee was Didik.

All the candidates are expected to be present to sign a similar declaration at the behest of the Jakarta General Elections Committee (KPU Jakarta).