Grim Picture Emerges in Deadly Shooting of Two IPB Security Guards

By webadmin on 08:37 pm Jun 20, 2012
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Vento Saudale

Bogor Police said on Monday that the third suspect in the murder of two Bogor Agriculture Institute security officers was not the lone shooter in the killings.

Police announced on Monday that they had arrested Abdulrohim Sandi, also known as Unyil, on Sunday for allegedly murdering the two victims during a botched motorcycle robbery last month at a mosque parking lot at the institute (IPB).

Bogor Police investigator Imron Ermawan said that Unyil only shot Suhardi, while Supriyatna was killed by another suspect, Mamay. Mamay had previously told police tha his weapon had not been loaded at the time of the shooting.

“After we confronted [Unyil] with Mamay’s version of events, we discovered Unyil only fired his gun at Suhardi. It was Mamay who shot Supriyatna,” Imron said.

“Based on our initial information, Mamay claimed that Unyil shot [both victims] because Mamay’s gun was not loaded. But after further questioning, Mamay finally admitted that his gun was fully loaded,” he added.

He also said that Unyil shot Supriatna twice in the back while Mamay aimed his gun at Suhardi’s stomach before firing two shots.

Imron said the two suspects claimed to work for someone whom they only knew as the “boss.” They told police the man provided them with guns, money and lodging.

Police say they are now searching for that other individual.

Unyil and Mamay will be charged with murder, armed robbery and illegal gun ownership.

Unyil was arrested on Sunday in Maringgai village in Labuan Maringgai subdistrict, East Lampung.

“We had to shoot the suspect twice, once in the right leg and once in the left leg, because he fought back when we tried to arrest him,” Imron said. “He tried to escape to a plantation area.”

Imron relayed Unyil’s version of events, stating in the suspect’s words, “I was fighting with [Supriyatna] and to help me, Mamay shot him. After Mamay shot Supriyatna, I took my gun, which had fallen to the ground, and aimed it at [Suhardi].”

Unyil told police that he and Mamay fled to the forest after shooting the victims. They then took an ojek [motorcycle taxi] to Parung before making their way to Sukabumi, West Java.

According to police, that is when the pair split up, with Mamay going to Jampang and Unyil traveling to Lampung.

Police had earlier arrested two other suspects in the crime with the initials M.H. and A.S. at their houses in Cibatu in Sukabumi.