Govt Talks About Incentives for Hybrid Car Imports and Production

By webadmin on 08:30 pm May 28, 2012
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The industry ministry will discuss a plan to provide incentives for hybrid car production this week, Industry Minister of M.S. Hidayat said in Jakarta on Monday. 

“This week, the Industry Ministry will discuss the incentive scheme for hybrid cars with the Finance Ministry — if it is approved, we will hold a meeting next week with the automotive industry principals to talk about hybrid car imports,” he said.

Hybrid cars must be imported from the principals’ countries, because “it is currently impossible to produce hybrids in Indonesia,” Hidayat said.

Minister Hidayat called hybrid cars fuel efficient alternatives that could offer a solution to the current energy crisis in Indonesia.

“The hybrid car can help reduce [carbon] emissions and save money in fuel consumption. It’s in accordance with the government’s energy efficiency program,” he said.    

Hidayat had previously said that the Industry Ministry is still looking for the right technological system to help reduce carbon emissions from cars to make them more environmental friendly.