Government Urged to Seek WTO Help in Turkish Tariff Tiff

By webadmin on 08:29 pm Jun 30, 2009
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Dian Ariffahmi

The Indonesian Textile Association wants the Ministry of Trade’s help to lodge an appeal with the World Trade Organization in response to Turkey’s decision to slap tariffs on textiles produced by three unidentified Indonesian companies.

On Jan. 12, Turkey’s antidumping agency applied extra duties on three Indonesian textile producers it accused of dumping staple fiber and polyester yarns on the Turkish market. The sanctions are set to last two years.

Benny Soetrisno, chairman of the association, known as API, said that the duties were as high as 14 percent, depending on the company. “The investigative process is unfair,” he said, adding that the Turkish business association that pushed for the tariffs “chose Indonesian companies to target without speaking to us.”

He refused to reveal the names of the three companies.

Soetrisno said that the Turkish antidumping agency had been uneven in its treatment of the companies it accused of dumping. Companies that cooperated with the agency were given lower tariffs, while others that had failed to fill in the proper documents were hit with higher levies, Soetrisno said, adding that Turkish officials failed to check sample products.

“If they want to investigate these cases fairly, they should check samples from all of the companies they have accused of dumping,” he said.

Soetrisno said that API could not appeal directly to the WTO.

“I have asked the trade minister to support our plan to hold bilateral talks and seek a third opinion — the WTO’s,” he said.

Trade Minister Mari Pangestu said that the government had met with representatives from Turkey’s business council when they visited Indonesia on Monday, and asked them for help in resolving the dispute.

“I spoke to them about this matter and asked them to tell their government about the problem so that Indonesia could arrange a bilateral meeting related to this case,” she said in Jakarta on Tuesday.