‘Good Looking’ Hatta Rajasa to be Named PAN’s Presidential Candidate

By webadmin on 03:37 pm May 24, 2012
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The National Mandate Party (PAN) is ready to officially declare Hatta Rajasa as its candidate for the 2014 presidential election.  

The party’s Secretary General Taufik Kurniawan said on Thursday that beside declaring Hatta as the presidential candidate at a meeting scheduled for the end of May, PAN will also discuss the best strategy to win the elections.

“We will consolidate based on the strategy to win the legislative and presidential elections that we compose [during the meeting],” Taufik said. “It only needs some effort and hard work from the PAN cadres, and can all be achieved.”

Hatta is currently the coordinating minister of economy, and is an in-law of president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Surveys conducted by the party show that Hatta has remained popular, despite having not campaigned as much as other candidates, according to PAN officials

Bima Arya, chairman of the executive board of PAN, said recently that Hatta is also popular for his good looks.

“His physical attraction is his distinctive silver hair,” Bima said. “He is known as Mr. Silver Gray, or Rambut Bodas [White Hair] in West Java. Those pet names that show how people adore him.”

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