Golkar’s Kahar Denies He Received Kickbacks for PON Stadium Bid

By webadmin on 07:49 pm Aug 08, 2012
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Ezra Sihite

Golkar Party lawmaker Kahar Muzakir has denied allegations he received kickbacks for approving additional budget allocations for the construction of the National Games stadium in Riau.

Kahar serves on House of Representatives Commission X, which oversees sports affairs. He claimed Riau Youth and Sports Agency head Lukman Abbas, who has been named a suspect in the graft case surrounding the project, was lying when he accused him in a court hearing of accepting kickbacks.

“The facts in the courtroom are legal facts but anyone could have lied easily,” Kahar told reporters at the legislative building in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Kahar said he had never been to the stadium, which is being used for the National Games (PON) being held in September.

Lukman recently told the Riau Anti-Corruption Court that he and Riau Governor Rusli Zainal met with Golkar Party faction chairman Setya Novanto at the legislative building to discuss the need to increase the PON budget.

The meeting took place in February. Lukman said he was asked to give money to Kahar and that his driver handed $850,000 to a person named Acin, who was said to be Kahar’s assistant.

Kahar was alleged to have received further kickbacks by the consortium that handled the construction of the PON stadium, Lukman said.

But Kahar denied having an assistant named Acin. “I only have one assistant, in the region where I was elected, and two other expert staff,” Kahar said.

However, he acknowledged that Lukman came to his office. Lukman wanted to discuss the budget but Kahar told him that there was nothing more to discuss. Kahar said he forgot the exact date when Lukman visited his office.