Going Behind the Numbers and Headlines

By webadmin on 12:28 pm May 31, 2011
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SK Zainuddin

How does one really measure net worth? Given that there are so many such lists floating around, the reader is entitled to ask how accurately do they reflect a person’s true wealth?

At GlobeAsia, our 150 Richest Indonesians list has been painstakingly put together by a team of dedicated journalists who have burrowed deep and searched widely to arrive at an accurate number.

We have not only undertaken research, but interviewed people who have either a working relationship with the individuals listed or who have at one time or another done business with them.

What we have done therefore is to try and get a sense of the true net worth of the people on our list. The easiest way to go about doing this list would be to calculate the shareholdings of these individuals in the companies they own. But there are times when share prices do not represent their true worth.

There are times when we have to go behind the numbers and headlines to get a true sense of just how much a person is worth.

Often the challenge is not ascertaining the value of their assets as these numbers are publicly available. It is to accurately determine how large their debts are as Indonesia still has a large informal debt market where people borrow from one another by issuing commercial paper without proper scrutiny.

Often, these types of loans can be significant and if not taken into account, they will distort the net worth of an individual. At GlobeAsia, we have taken many of these factors into consideration in putting together this year’s list.

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The 2011 GlobeAsia 150 Rich list was compiled by SK Zainuddin, Yanto Soegiarto, Keith Loveard, Albertus Weldison Nonto, Ardhian Novianto, Jacqueline Wales, Katie Lamb and Sashia Samira.