Gita Gutawa to Sign Off at Farewell Concert

By webadmin on 06:37 pm Jan 30, 2011
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Indonesian composer Erwin Gutawa has announced plans for a Feb. 26 concert that he has titled, “A Masterpiece of Erwin Gutawa.” The title is a bit less obnoxious to those that realize Erwin is referring to the show’s youngest performer, who also happens to be his daughter: Gita Gutawa.

“This is my father’s concert,” she said. “I want to perform for him because he has done so much for my career.”

The show is intended to be the 17-year-old pop sensation’s last performance before she voluntarily hangs up her microphone and exits a successful entertainment career stage in order to concentrate on her studies abroad.

Gita is currently a student at Bina Nusantara high school in Simprug, Jakarta.