Gita Gutawa Makes Comeback for Chrisye Tribute.

By webadmin on 11:24 am Apr 03, 2012
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Songstress Gita Gutawa, who temporarily left show biz a couple of months ago to focus on her studies in England, is set for a comeback.

The 18-year-old will be in Jakarta for the concert “Kidung Abadi Chrisye,” or “Chrisye’s Eternal Ballad,” which will bring together some of Indonesia’s leading musicians to pay tribute to the late singer.

“My dad told me there was a concert for Om Chrisye,” Gita said. “And I felt that I had to be there.”

Gita’s father, the composer Erwin Gutawa, was a friend of Chrisye. Erwin and Gita wrote a song that she will perform at the concert.

“We combined different parts of Chrisye’s songs for ‘Kidung Abadi.’ ”