Gerindra Not Worried by Fauzi Supporters

By webadmin on 08:56 am Aug 13, 2012
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Ezra Sihite

The political support that Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo continues to pick up ahead of next month’s runoff election has not fazed backers of his rival, Joko Widodo, who insist the numbers on paper count for little.

Fadli Zon, deputy secretary general of the Great Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra), one of only two parties behind Joko, said on Sunday that party support did not translate into votes at the ballot box.

“The choice of the Jakarta voters [in the first round of voting] was by a large margin a call for a change from the status quo,” he said.

“Gerindra is not concerned about other parties’ support for [Fauzi], because it will only increase Joko’s appeal to voters.”

He was responding to the announcement by the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) on Saturday that it would throw its support behind Fauzi, following an earlier pledge by the Golkar Party.

The PKS and Golkar candidates won a combined 16 percent of the vote in the July 11 election, which combined with Fauzi’s 34 percent would theoretically give him the win in the Sept. 20 runoff.

However, Fadli said that most voters were tired of Fauzi and those who voted against him in the first round would likely do so again.

The most emphatically antiestablishment votes in the first round went to the two independent candidates, who garnered a combined 8 percent.

Should these voters once more vote against Fauzi, they could theoretically help Joko take his tally above 50 percent from the 42.6 percent he won in July.