Gayus to Face Court on Tuesday Over Forgery

By webadmin on 10:17 pm May 30, 2011
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Rangga Prakoso

Graft convict Gayus Tambunan is scheduled to go on trial today for passport forgery, at the very court where he controversially bribed his way out of an embezzlement charge last year.

The latest trial at the Tangerang District Court centers on the former tax official’s use of a fake passport under the name of Sony Laksono to jet off to Macau, Malaysia and Singapore last September, when he was supposed to be in police custody.

Chaerul Amir, Tangerang chief prosecutor, said the trial was scheduled for 10 a.m.

Gayus’s lawyer, Hotma Sitompoel, said his client was prepared for the hearing, but declined to comment further until after the indictment was read out in court.

“We need the indictment documents to prepare our defense,” he said.

The fake passport was issued by the East Jakarta Immigration Office with the help of Arie Nur Irawan, a k a Arie Kalap, a broker in a passport forgery syndicate who is currently standing trial at the East Jakarta District Court.

Gayus is serving a 10-year prison sentence for bribing a judge and police investigators in order to secure an acquittal in his embezzlement trial at the Tangerang court last February.

Gayus stood trial for bribing law enforcement officials, for which he was in convicted in January this year and sentenced to seven years in prison. The Jakarta High Court slapped an additional three years to his sentence on appeal.

In a separate case against Gayus, prosecutors in Depok said on Monday that they had received the police dossier detailing his alleged bribery of officers at the police’s detention facility in Depok.

His trial in that case, in which he was alleged to have left jail scores of times to travel domestically and abroad, will take place in Bandung.