From here to eternity

By webadmin on 03:20 pm Nov 30, 2011
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Looking out across the blue water, all one sees is eternity.
Endless ocean stretches before one’s eyes as the water melts into the
sky. Fringing the water, on the left, are 70-metre cliffs, rising
majestically into the sky.
The mind is allowed – indeed encouraged – to wander across the vast
expanse of the sea, imagining what may lie on the other side. The soul
is freed for the moment and touches the heavens, for nothing stands in
the way.

This is the spectacular scene that greets a guest as he or she steps
into The Edge, an exclusive luxury villa that is wedged into the cliffs
of Ulu Watu in Bali. While the view will uplift you, the top-class
service and luxurious surroundings will pamper your earthly needs.
Getting to such a destination is a journey in itself: For the
individual who treasures time, privacy and convenience, taking off from
Jakarta’s Halim airport in a private jet managed by Jet Royal is the
best way to fly. Upon landing in Bali, being picked in a BMW