Free WiFi Installed Along Jakarta Main Streets

By webadmin on 11:25 am Aug 29, 2012
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Starting on Saturday of this week, the Jakarta local government will provide free WiFi along some of the city’s main streets — from Jalan Sudirman to Thamrin and from Jalan S. Parman to MT Haryono.

“Beginning in September, certain streets will contain areas with free wireless hotspots,” Fauzi Bowo, the governor of Jakarta, said on Tuesday. “This new WiFi network is being implemented to contribute to the development and advancement of Jakarta as a metropolitan city,” Fauzi said on Tuesday.

Previously, the government of Jakarta has provided free WiFi around the National Monument (Monas), Menteng Park, Ayodya Park in Kebayoran Baru, Harmoni bus stop and Dukuh Atas bus stop.

Fauzi added that Jakarta’s government did not pay anything to provide the service for the public.

“The WiFi installation is a compensation from companies that have installed fiber optic networks along those streets,” he said.

The head of the Jakarta Communication and Information Agency Sugiyanta added that free WiFi access will be available in all parts of Jakarta within the next five years.

Fauzi denied allegations that this program is part of his campaign to secure the governorship of Jakarta.

“Do you want Jakarta to move forward or backward?” Fauzi scolded one journalist. “Don’t think dirty.”