FPI’s Munarman Beaten Up in Traffic Incident

By webadmin on 10:26 am Nov 26, 2012
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Jakarta Globe

The secretary general and paramilitary
commander of the hard-line group Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) was
beaten up by five people in a traffic incident in Pondok Cabe,
Pamulang, on Sunday.

According to Pamulang Police Chief
Comr. Mohamad Nasir, at around 5 p.m. Munarman found himself stuck in
the middle of traffic in Pondok Cabe and sounded his horn.

“He [Munarman] was upset and
disappointed because he was in a rush and no one was giving way. So
he kept on honking,” Mohamad told newsportal Detik.com.

Suddenly, five people surrounded his
car and asked him why he was honking during a traffic jam.

to the police report that Munarman filed, in the middle of arguing,
the men broke his car window and spit on him. He ran away, but the
five chased him and beat him up.

Munarman reportedly has
bruises all over his body but was not hospitalized.

Al Khattath, the secretary general of
FPI’s sister organization Islamic People’s Forum (FUI) told
Tribunnews.com that Munarman has already withdrawn the police

“[He] only wanted to notify the police about the
incident,” Al Khattath said, adding that the FPI would not seek to
take any further action on this case.

In 2007, Munarman was
reported to the police following a traffic altercation with Blue Bird
cab during which he was said to have hit the driver and forcibly
taken the car’s registration, or STNK.